Hi, I’m CK Bray. I’m a husband to an incredible wife and father to six children, 5 daughters and 1 son. (Yes, he has 5 older sisters, but I protect him). I love to be active! I play tennis, run, work out, compete in triathlons and enjoy being outside with my family. I know an hour of exercise can cure most any stress I have had during the day and combined with some great music can put me in a fantastic mood. I love food, desserts and one day I secretly dream of inventing a new chocolate delicacy.

I am one of the luckiest men on earth because I have a great family, incredible friends and I LOVE my work! But this has not come easy as I have spent many years working in jobs that I hated (torture comes to mind) while trying to figure out my career path. Now my life is much different as I get to help people with one of the most important aspects of their lives, their job.


My Story

I grew up wanting to be a news anchor or a game show host. I figured those individuals had great jobs that they enjoyed every day and still made a good living. However, after spending nearly 15 years in corporate America I realized that there was an overwhelming majority of individuals who disliked their jobs, wanted to be promoted, or simply desired to have more fulfilling and meaningful work. People crave self-improvement whether it is conscious or sub-conscious. So many with whom I interacted wanted to be developed as leaders and as individuals and most importantly they wanted to be happy….. and ultimately many of them weren’t.

This problematic, corporate, epidemic weighed on me so heavily that I abandoned plans of becoming a news anchor or a game show host (for now!) and interrupted my successful corporate career at a Fortune 5 company to return to school for my MBA and PhD. This was the breakthrough that started my journey towards helping others make a Career Revolution!

So Why A Career Revolution?

Most of us will spend, on average, more time of our day at work then we do with our loved ones.

  • Shouldn’t that job be one in which you are extremely fulfilled and successful?
  • Shouldn’t you look forward to going to work and feel like you have accomplished something meaningful at the end of the day?
  • What about those who have been laid off or fired; what should be their next steps?
  • What about those who want to be promoted? How do they get the feedback they need or the career development expertise to move them to the next level?
  • What if you like your company and your job and you want to stay, but just need a change?

I searched to see what resources were available to people who were asking the same questionsI What I found was lots of information about resumes and “how-to’s” on finding a job, but there was little to no “Free” information about career development, getting promoted and what to do if you have lost your job. This was the beginning of the Career Revolution!

Everything I have learned through my struggles, experiences, my work with clients and my education is going to be shared through my podcast, my blog, my career tips minute video and my 5-10-10 career series. I want you to help you reach your goals of creating a better career, being promoted, finding a new job or answering the question of “What should I do with my life.” Everything you need to know is HERE, and all you have to do is listen, read, watch and then take action.

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Creating a career takes hard work, patience, planning and most importantly, someone to help you along the way. So join the Career Revolution community and let’s work together.


Dr. C.K. Bray


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