“I despise my boss! What should I do? You’ve got to help me out!” You may have a  boss that you hate, but don’t quit your job because of it.  Half of the population have quit their job at some point in their careers in order to get away from a bad boss. I have the answer  to this problem!





There are justifiable reasons to hate your boss, here are just a few things bad bosses do…

  • micromanagement
  • bullying
  • avoiding conflict
  • ducking decisions
  • stealing credit
  • shifting blame
  • hoarding information
  • failing to listen
  • slacking
  • not developing staff

What can you do about it? Her is some good, practical advice.

  • Be empathetic toward them. It can be learned and mirrored back at you.
    • Use small moments to show empathy.
  • Look at yourself first. Your behavior can be preventing you from having a good relationship with your boss. (IE: You may be causing some of the problem)
    • Reflect on areas you may need to improve. What might you be doing that bugs your boss?
    • Get information from others who get along with your boss. Be prepared for responses that might hurt.
  • Talk to your boss. Approach carefully.
    • Frame your questions and comments positively.
    • Position yourself as seeking advice.
    • Having a blunt conversation about the conflict should comes after everything else hasn’t worked.
  • Nothing’s worked yet? ORGANIZE A MUTINY!  (HOW FUN!)
    • You have rights. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration before this happens.
    • Have documented evidence for why your boss is a liability to the organization.
    • Don’t stay with the company if you’re unhappy.



“Most bad bosses are not inherently bad people.”




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