Nobody likes the annual review process. Managers ask you to write a self-evaluation before they do your performance review and you wrestle with what information you should include. Writing a quality self-evaluation is a good opportunity to remind your boss of your accomplishments, successes and goals. It’s difficult to be truly objective about your performance so how do you find the right balance between self-promotion and self-criticism?



Q: “How do you take your job and shove it?”

A: I’m a fan of quitting your job the right way but about half of all resignations play out differently than we imagine they should. The resignation style is determined by whether the worker believes they were treated fairly. Many view it as their final chance to get even!

Types of Resignations:

  • Standard: Meeting with the manager, giving standard notice.
  • Grateful: Shows appreciation, helps with transition.
  • Avoidant: Resign in writing or tells others, letting word filter back to their manager
  • Impulsive: Walks out without notice, leaving the organization to figure out how to make a transition.
  • Bridge-burning: Tries to do harm by launching verbal assaults.



How to Write a Self-Evaluation:

  1. Understand how the evaluation will be used.
  2. Emphasize your accomplishments and describe the steps you took to get there.
  3. Acknowledge mistakes, carefully.
  4. Keep the focus on you.
  5. Ask for anything that you need and the “why”.



“Always resign in the right way, you never know how things will come around in the future.”

“Shut your trap and move on!”



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