Leadership Development isn’t working.  Research shows that leaders are less prepared to lead and guide their teams through corporate change.  People need more than off-the-shelf courses to learn how to influence the behavior of team members.  Having real life situations and case studies can help leaders learn faster, retain information longer and be more effective change agents.



Q: “Headed to a meeting soon in Las Vegas. Should I drink at the meeting? ” -Jan C., Wyoming

A: No. If you do drink, keep it to one.  Drinking in a work environment can cause negative consequences and rarely has a positive impact.  The workplace is not the right place for that behavior, no matter where or who you are. You need to maintain a decorum of professionalism.



Organizations are requiring specific behaviors and leadership traits from their leaders during these times of change.  These competencies and skill sets are not being (and really can’t be) learned from off the shelf Leadership Development courses.   Organizations need learning curriculums that are more dynamic, collaborative, individualistic, intuitive and look more at the individual and their needs. There is a mismatch between what currently exists and what leaders really need today.

Leadership Development needs to be experiential. That is how the brain best learns. Changing your behavior isn’t going to happen in a classroom, teach leaders to be, not just to do. They have to learn to communicate with courage while helping people through transformational. The leaders need experts who are sherpas. Getting specific help from multiple experts that can act as guide for individuals.



“Leaders have to be self-aware, empathetic and able to listen.”

“If it’s all in your head, then none of it’s in your heart.”

“Don’t buy off the shelf Leadership Development. You can find inexpensive leadership development that is experiential, individualistic and collaborative.”



Ask yourself  “Am I the person that can help others be transformational?”


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