If your career history isn’t stellar you need to know how to handle those tough interview questions. Interviewers are (usually!) intelligent enough to see through what you’re doing. It’s important to realize that everyone has positives and negatives in their career experience so learning how to discuss both will help you get that promotion or next job.



Q: “I think my boss likes me and is going to ask me out, what should I do? ” -Sam, Denver, CO

A: Do. Not. Date. Your. Boss. Ever! Just smile back, maintain your professionalism and if she asks you out, politely decline. That is not the type of relationship you want to be in unless one of you is willing to leave the organization or transfer to another  department where dating is allowed.  While a fairy tale story of meeting a work sounds great, most of the time it doesn’t work out and it can hurt your career.



You need to know how to sell the positive aspects of your career while also discussing your negatives. Interviewers are able to tell when you’re avoiding certain situations and questions. Should you talk about being fired?

  1. You’ve got to tell the truth! Sooner or later it will catch up to you.
  2. Have a good answer that has been practiced. Clearly and concisely deliver your message about your past job experiences. Practice allows you to answer without hesitation or emotion.
  3. Be sure you haven’t manipulated your answer or you are bending the truth. It isn’t necessary for you to lie. A lot of people have been fired!
  4. Take responsibility for your answer. Don’t lay blame on others for your past. If you blame other people it looks like you and your life are out of control.
  5. Deliver your answer without emotion and matter of factly. Smile, don’t be scared.
  6. If you need to provide follow-up information have it set in your mind.
  7. Quit worrying about it!



“You need to be able to discuss your negatives.”

“You’re not as smart as you think you are!”



Tell the truth and quit worrying about it!


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