Chances are  your employees may be withholding valuable information and ideas from you. As a leader you  want to make it easy for employees to share ideas. When employees speak freely productivity, employee fulfillment and financial performance go up. When employees stay quiet bad decisions are on the horizon, fewer ideas are generated and problems are rarely surfaced.



Is it worth it to speak up? What will happen? Employees learn the consequences or benefits of speaking up by watching what happens to others when they speak up.

The secret to encourage employees to speak up comes from creating an environment where your employees feel comfortable and safe in coming forward and sharing information you need.  Even if you have a close relationship with your employees studies who you rarely get 100% honesty from them.

The biggest reason for withholding ideas and concerns is the belief that managers wouldn’t do anything about them. “Why bother?” employees say, “What good is it going to do anyway?”

Leaders need to be more responsive to ideas that support not only their own agenda, but the agenda of others as well.

How do you create a more vocal culture?

  • Hold more face to face conversations.
  • Use the end of meetings to ask for feedback.
  • Thank people publicly.
  • Act on it!
  • Management By Walking Around
  • Close the loop. Let them know what action you are going to take on their feedback.





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