In this episode you’ll follow the roadmap that Dr. Bray lays out for you in order to navigate challenges such as identifying causes of conflict and strategies for effective communication.

The way you communicate is affected by the different experiences in your life. The way you were raised, what your parents were like etc. often shape the paradigm of which you see things.  In a conflict you may both be looking at the same situation, but you are seeing very different things.

Have you had a major conflict at work in the last year? Dr. Bray will take you through the process of identifying and working through the process of analyzing it. Conflict can be beneficial in the workplace. Being a skillful communicator will make disruption and emerging issues into a healthy learning experience.


What are the benefits of learning to communicate more effectively?

  • Better relationships at work.
  • More productive.
  • Less stress.
  • Happier and more fulfilled at work.

Identify where you get “caught” in a conflict.

  • Are you getting good results?
  • What positive results do you want to achieve?
  • Do you have a recurring problem that you are always trying to fix?
  • What personal and professional complaints have you had?

Avoiding toxic communication is essential. Communication is a skill you must cultivate. Do you encourage or discourage? Inspire or instigate? Do or undo? Make or unmake? Heal or harm? Words do have power; will you use them for good or evil?

Choosing your reaction is also a skill to develop. You’ll examine how you react to contentious situations and learn the three most common reactions to conflict, why we do them and which ones are most effective for a positive resolution.

There is always a gap between expected performance and actual performance so Dr. Bray will help you set some communication goals.

Communication goals:

  • To ensure understanding.
  • To get and give information.
  • To get action.
  • To persuade.
  • To change behavior.

Communication is emotional intelligence and social intelligence. People want to be seen, heard, understood and valued. How do you communicate? Dr. Bray has a quiz for you! Quizzes are fun!

Now that you’ve identified your style of communication there’s much more to learn about handling conflict. Join Dr. Bray in Part 2 of How To Pick A Fight At Work, Always Win and Never Get Fired!

Click Below for Dr. Bray’s Corporate Website

Click Below for Dr. Bray’s Corporate Website

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