You too can send in your career questions for Dr. Bray to use in future episodes. He gives energetic and experienced advice on topics that concern you personally.

1. Jane asks for help dealing with her micro-managing boss who is out of touch with her team. Dr. Bray discusses three ways to approach this problem all centered on effective communication.

2. Ron wondered what he should do after being passed up for a promotion that he felt he deserved. It may be difficult to hear honest reasons you may not be chosen for advancement but it’s important to dig a little deeper and ask those involved what their reasoning was. Management look at many variable when choosing an individual for promotion.

3. Linea is graduating soon and wants to know what she can do for work. Even after getting a degree it can be difficult to figure out what you can do with it. Dr. Bray lays out some actionable steps for college students to do in order to determine their best course of action.

4. Josephine’s husband has recently become ill and can no longer work. She’s asks what job would be best to get now that she is the bread-winner. Dr. Bray give encouraging advice on how to get back on your feet in the short term and explains how to work toward a better situation in the future.

5. John was recently fired and wonders whether to put that on his resume. Dr. Bray encourages honesty and prudence when dealing with a sensitive matter such as this.

6. If your boss had an affair with a co worker and now she is being favored above the other employees. what should you do? Dr. Bray gives clear advice about getting through situations like this to a resolution.

Keep sending in your questions. It is your career, take charge of it!

Click Below for Dr. Bray’s Corporate Website

Click Below for Dr. Bray’s Corporate Website

Top Career Podcast 2018

Top Career Podcast 2018

Dr. CK Bray made it on Mac's List again!
Top Career Podcasts of 2018!

Top Career Podcast 2017

Top Career Podcast 2017

Dr. CK Bray's podcast made it on Mac's List:
Top Career Podcasts of 2017!

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