EPISODE 275 One of Kevin’s daughters wrote, “My mom surprised us with a visit on Sunday with horrific news that our father had passed away. The devastation and shock were almost unbearable, and our minds were filled with so many “why’s.” We had seen Dad struggle with depression, but yet he was the most hilarious and lovable guy to anyone that knew and met him. He lived for adventure, his laugh was infectious, he was humble and generous with all he had, and he was genuinely interested in everyone’s lives.  He had the capacity to love anyone and everyone, but he just couldn’t love himself to the same extent.

This topic is difficult to discuss. I am hoping it helps you or someone you know who may be in crisis.



Suicide is a well-kept secret but has become a national epidemic.  You don’t hear how prevalent it is, yet suicide rates are nearly triple that of homicides. 

If You Are Contemplating Suicide

First, if you have contemplated suicide in the past or currently thinking about taking your life please know that we see you, we care about you. You are loved!! You are important and can get help. Unfortunately, those around you may not be picking up on the warning signs, clues or pain that you are in. If they knew, they would help. Most don’t see or know the warning signs, so others may not be aware of how you are feeling. Your suffering may be hidden behind your smile, your laughing, your success, and everyday conversations. So please—if you are in trouble let someone know! You matter! You can live a happy, successful, and fulfilled life, with meaning. You won’t always feel the pain you feel now and I promise, if you were gone, people would miss you more than you know.

Call a friend, family or loved one right now and let them know. Don’t know what to say?  Let me help:

“I am in pain and I need to talk to someone.”
“I am in a terrible place, can we talk?”
“I need help.”

Research shows that most individuals in crisis don’t call a suicide hotline for help. If you can’t call, then reach out to ANYONE and they can help you make this important call. If you feel you have no one to help you, then please pick up the phone or your computer and someone who cares and someone who can help will answer.

1-800-273-TALK (8255)
1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

Text Chat

Substance Abuse & Suicide guide

REMEMBER: You can get help and you can recover from this and feel good again. You are worth fighting for and a meaningful life is ahead of you, even if you can’t see or feel it right now. Please take the first step in getting help by telling someone you need help or calling one of the numbers above. Just tell somebody. Please do not keep these feelings to yourself.

Learn more about the risk factors and warning signs for suicide during this week’s important episode.


You won’t always feel this awful.”
“You are loved!”
“You can make a difference in the life of someone else.”


Have the radar on. Open your eyes. Stop, listen, talk to people. There may be a person in need and you don’t know it. Ask them!


**Today’s podcast is dedicated to Kevin and his amazing family. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to you, not just in this difficult moment—but for years to come. May you have courage, feel some sense of peace but most importantly know that you are surrounded by people who love you.


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